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Legal Beats – Understanding Legal Concepts in Rap Style

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Hey yo, what’s up folks? Today we’re gonna talk
About legal concepts, but not in a boring walk
We’re gonna rap it out, make it cool and fun
So listen up close, let’s get ready to run

First up, we got the hair salon employment contract template
For all the stylists, it’s a legal dream, don’t you hate?
Next, we ask, are air intakes legal on the road
Cuz we gotta stay legal, obey the legal code

Then there’s the non prosecution agreement form for resolution
When it comes to crime, this legal solution’s the revolution
Understand drop zone rules and stay safe and sound
Follow the legal rules, don’t mess around

Let’s talk about tax arbitration meaning and its benefits too
When it comes to taxes, we gotta know what to do
Learn the legal lego techniques for success in law
Build your case strong, no legal flaw

Rock that contractor t-shirt on the construction site
Quality workwear, legal and tight
Sign the Irish lottery syndicate agreement form with your crew
Keep it legal and legit, know what to do

Are blue headlights legal in California? Check it out
Laws and regulations explained, don’t be in doubt
And finally, ask yourself, is birch and fog legal where you are
Know what’s legal, reach for the legal star