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Legal Rap – The Law in Style

Welcome to Legal Rap – The Law in Style

Yo, let’s talk about the EASA easy access rules
Making sure your air ops are cool, no fools
Legal tow length, know the deal? Understanding the legal regulations for towing is the big deal
Civil law review 1, essential for legal study check the syllabus, don’t be a legal dummy
Documents for UK visitor visa, what to submit? Get the lowdown, don’t let your application dip

Legal Topic Link
Emergency contraception in the Philippines Is it legal or not?
Top law firm in Phuket For expert legal services, they’re not a bluff
Registering a business name in Minnesota Step by step, don’t get in a huff
Understanding alcohol laws Legal or illegal, know the deal
Key legal challenges in the digital age Tech law issues, don’t be caged

Letter of agreement for rent, it’s a must Make sure your rental agreement’s just
So that’s the legal rap, in style
Get clued up, go the extra mile