Rise and Lead Africa Women


Working closely with women participants, Rise and Lead Africa Women is ideally positioned to understand the needs of the contemporary female leader.

Our world class development courses provide female leaders with access to high quality, academically robust leadership education. Focused on building real world skills, our curses are engineered to reflect the challenges of contemporary leadership and provide learning commensurate with elevated performance and growth




The purpose of our female development program is to assist women upskill themselves, increase self- confidence by understanding who they are and how to leverage on ones strengths. Besides these, the program will enlighten women on how to approach work life balance and also how to overcome gender barriers.   

  • Self Mastery
  • Developing a Personal leadership plan
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Work-life balance
  • Conflict
  • Build Supportive Networks

Mentorship has proven to be one of the most effective and beneficial way of nurturing skills, talent and accelerating personal development. At Rise and Lead Africa Women, through research analysis we have put in place a well-designed program for women in leadership and those who are ready to explore their leadership capabilities in business and in community levels.

Considering all the facet of successful mentorship, our mentorship program has been designed in such a way it will fit both the mentor and the mentee and bring about positive and fruitive results. Our mentor team are women leaders who are making it happen in all angles of leadership be it in business, political, corporate or community level.

Rise and Lead Africa Women believes that women are natural leaders and by giving women a platform to realize and tap on their strengths will bring about gender equity in working and leadership spaces, which will not only create harmony and cohesion in working spaces but also bring about more profits and positive results at work.

Using the three major leadership skills;

·         Soft leadership skills, to effectively communicate.

·         Leadership skills to encourage the mentees and drive them forward.

·         Hard leadership skills to hold the mentees accountable for real progress.


We believe that the outcomes will be positively impacting to our clients and to the women who will give us a chance to awaken the leader in them.

To create synergies that achieve the broader objectives of a company different leadership skills are required and, in a world, where everyone is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all leadership strategy. That is where Rise and Lead Africa Women comes in as a leverage to helping women leaders to connect, engage, learn and network with fellow female leaders all over Africa.

Our Female Leaders Exchange Program is a well-designed program which will conveniently facilitate a platform and connection for female leaders in Africa. The main focus of the exchange program is to give women leaders an opportunity to learn from their counterparts in different Africa countries. The program is open to female leaders in all working fields and professions.